The stories that we hear about Ethiopia are often focused on the immense difficulties and challenges facing the country. 30 years of famine and drought-focused campaigns have shaped the image of Ethiopia in the mind of the Irish public, and at Ethiopiaid we wanted to challenge this. We partnered with the Makush Art Gallery of Addis Ababa with the intent of showing the Irish public a different side of Ethiopia whilst also raising much needed funds for our partners' projects. We wanted to focus on the rich and diverse culture of Ethiopia, specifically the visual culture, and the excitement and talent emerging from the country. At the same time we wished to highlight the work that Ethiopiaid carries out and introduce our small organisation to other audiences.

The opening night event for 2015 Art Exhibition was attended by the President's wife, Sabina Higgins, and hosted by RTÉ presenter, Claire Byrne, and was a great success with over 80 paintings sold.

Nicola Reed's portraits taken at markets in the Omo Valley in Southern Ethiopia were also displayed during the exhibition. You can see Nicola's work here.

The exhibition was featured in the Irish Times over 2 days, including a piece in the weekend edition, in the Independent and the Herald, in both their print and online editions.