Since opening their doors in 2002, Makush Art Gallery has provided a venue for artists to display their talent. They currently have more than 70 artists and over 750 paintings on display in their gallery. Makush Art Gallery have earned the reputation of being the premier gallery for art lovers in Addis Ababa. The Lonely Planet guide book has said “Makush Art Gallery has an excellent, carefully selected collection of high-quality furniture and paintings from various Ethiopian artists.”

Makush Art Gallery is proud of the growing body of work created by talented artists in Ethiopia. The emerging style is unique in Africa and reflects the dynamism of Ethiopia today.  Their mission is to promote Ethiopian art and culture throughout the country and abroad.

To this end, Makush Art Gallery has participated in various international art expos and exhibitions all over the world.

In addition to their business dealings, Makush also supports humanitarian causes. In collaboration with embassies and NGOs, they strive to help those in need.